Retired Missionaries


The Paauwes

Dr. Edward and Lehia Paauwe retired in 2013 after faithful service for 42 years in various countries and positions. Between 1970 and 2013, the Paauwes served at five churches, five seminaries or colleges, two mission boards, and in four countries. Their unwavering service has undoubtedly spread the gospel truly around the world. Their home is now in South Australia, as they settled near one of their children. They continue to serve as opportunities and ability allows, speaking at conferences and churches, as well as teaching at seminaries. Please remember the Paauwes in prayer as faithful saints of God.


The Baldwins

Serving in Cambodia for thirteen years, Rev. Mark Baldwin saw a country growing into the new century. An avowed atheist before he came to Christ, Rev. Baldwin started as an English teacher in Phnom Penh and eventually served in the Takeo province in many villages. Most of his work was done in Kpbaom at a small mission that was in need of a shepherd. Joining him in ministry by marriage in 2010, Wiwin, became a strong aid in ministry and home life. God blessed them with two children while serving in Cambodia.

The Baldwins have been a blessing to Cambodia. May God bless the fruit of their hands for the good of the Cambodians and God’s glory.

Please remember the Baldwins in prayer as they continue to serve their Savior in the US.

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