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Intro to biblical counseling class

March Banner Article: Celebrating Five Years on the Field by Rev. Doug Leaman

Posted on Mar 5, 2018

It has been five years since the Lord has allowed us to serve Him in Brazil. It has been amazing to experience the Lord’s faithfulness in providing for every need of ours through His people. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Many of you know that we have started homeschooling. State schools are seedbeds for ideological training, and truly Christian schools are far too few in Brazil. Homeschooling today is like what homeschooling was in the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in the US. Everyone was a sort of pioneer in the field, and they had a lot of legal, political and social fears and barriers to overcome. We were recently invited to visit the minister of education at his Recife office to encourage him to support this small movement in Brazil that seems like it will burst on the Brazilian political and social scene in the next few years. That is, of course, if the Supreme Court will uphold the right of families to educate their children. Please pray about the upcoming political/social/spiritual battle.

The opportunities for teaching and ministering to lives through biblical counseling is growing every month. I am writing this from “Palavra da Vida” (Word of Life) near Recife. I will be introducing biblical counseling to pastors and interested lay people. I love teaching to those that are hearing it for the first time because their whole vision of how humans grow and change is challenged. Their vision of church ministry and family life are often restructured in these week long courses. When people see the impact that a biblical view of people’s problems has on lives, it is contagious. Other people are attracted to learn how God’s Word and the gospel impacts their daily lives and speaks to their personal and interpersonal problems and exposes their souls at the most basic level. They discover that God’s Word has much to say about their existence at every level, and they begin to tell others what they are learning.

There are other exciting opportunities on the horizon for the ministry in Brazil. Brazil has experienced a leadership vacuum in the past three years. Many talented and gifted individuals have fled Brazil due to economic and social devastation. This is a wonderful opportunity for the gospel and to provide leadership to a country that desperately needs it.

Thank you for allowing us to be your missionaries in Brazil and for reading what is going on in this part of the world.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

The Leamans

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