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November 2018 Prayer Letter from Dr. Pine in Idaho

Posted on Nov 8, 2018

Dear Faithful Friends,

Grace and peace to you in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus. As fall speeds along toward winter here in Idaho, we have been exulting in the exceptionally gorgeous colors here in North Idaho this year. But snow is coming soon, and we’re getting as ready as we can to receive it.

“Getting ready” are words all of us live by as we move from one life transition to another, whether it’s the changing of the seasons, the changing of an occupation, the changing of a location, or the changing nature of the ministries in which we are engaged. For Karen and myself, the changes that are coming next summer are having a dramatic impact on the labors we are doing now, both in terms of getting the office ready to move and come under “new management,” as well as making sure our personal life is in order so that all goes smoothly.

The Lord is not letting us go quietly, however! With new missionaries and church planters coming on board at present, we are busy as ever, perhaps even more so than usual. But we are thankful for that as well. Leaving PMU in a strong position, poised to move forward with confidence no matter who is at the helm, has always been a goal of mine, and Karen is right there with me. It is a joy to see the Lord leading us through the challenges associated with change.

“Leaving PMU in a strong position, poised to move forward with confidence no matter who is at the helm, has always been a goal of mine, and Karen is right there with me.”

We are doing well on the homefront, too. The church in Bonners Ferry continues to steadily grow in both numbers and testimony. Our kids and grandkids are a big part of our lives, especially for Karen as she has taken on homeschooling our oldest granddaughter through pre-K. I am ever more involved in the community through police and fire chaplaincy, and have most recently been heavily occupied with the final preparations of our “Angel 1” mobile relief vehicle to care for personnel and victims on extended emergency scenes. The Lord willing, it will be operational before year’s end. I’m also the Commander of our county’s fire service honor guard, and that duty is opening doors of ministry in unexpected ways also. We are very grateful that our moms are maintaining their health and relative activity levels and are both involved in the life of the church and family as much as they can. Keeping a watchful eye on them and helping them as needed is another happy component of our lives. God is good to us!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our ministry with PMU. It is still needed! We have much to do yet before Pastor Casey Southerland assumes his duties next August. You all are a blessing to us.

For the Kingdom,

Dr. Len pine

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