Prayer Requests for Sola – Appalachian Christian Retreat (Douma)

September 2019

  • Our work renovating our 99-year old house to better prepare it to accommodate Appalachian Trail hiker guests. Specifically, pray that the materials, money, and labor will come together to re-do our leaking garage roof, and for my safety as I am high on ladders re-painting all of the window trim.
  • Our family as we continue to settle in Unionville, NY and for me as I pastor the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Unionville.
  • Spiritual and numerical growth at our small village church.

Prayer Requests for Atonement BP Mission (Waeber)

July 2019

  • For the next steps in my ordination process: finishing seminary classes and studying for ordination exams.
  • For fruitful outreach opportunities to grow the core group in advance of the resumption of services in the fall.

Prayer Requests for Cornerstone Reformed, MN (Liu)

August 2019

  • For boldness in being faithful witnesses of God’s mercy to us in Christ to those around us.
  • That a relationship has been developing with a family from the Ladies Tea event back in May will result in gospel transformation for the entire family.
  • For a young couple that continues in pre-marital counseling, that there will be genuine conversion and spiritual growth.
  • For the Lord to raise up more ruling elders and deacons in the next few years.
  • For Team Timothy that will be coming to the Twin Cities in the summer of 2020.

PMU Office Prayer Requests (Southerland)

September 2019

  • The Church Planting Fund to be fully funded (2020 Goal: $33,000) and for pastors to answer the call and join in the work.
  • The Baldwin family as they move to their new home in Weed, CA. Pray that their transition to a new place goes smoothly and that they are able to settle quickly.
  • Team Timothy Peru. Pray for the team as they work to secure funding and for their spiritual preparation in the weeks before they travel.
  • Funding for Projeto Soli Deo Gloria and Rev. Doug Leaman as he works to get it up and running.

Prayer Requests for Tacoma (Yong)

July 2019

  • For God’s blessings on our efforts to spread the word about our mission and, if God wills, more people will come worship with us.
  • For more opportunities to reach out to the community with the gospel during the summer time.

Prayer Requests for Myanmar

July 2019

Khawl Ro Kima: Yangon BPC

  • For Sister Malawmi; she is on the staff at the orphanage home. She has appendicitis and is in need of surgery.

Yee Aung Thun: Aung Tha Pyi Mission

  • For the evangelistic outreach that I am doing among the people in our neighborhood.

Aung Zaw Win: Tat Oo Mission

  • For some of our church families who are facing health problems as well as financial difficulties.
  • For us, the Tat Oo BP mission, as we are planning to build housing for the pastor. The present church planter’s house is a bamboo house, and it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Prayer Requests for Cambodia (Touch Am)

June 2019

  • That the children keep on coming to study in the Church.
  • For more Christian education options in Cambodia. The hope being that gospel centered education would reach many people in Cambodia.
  • For Mrs. Srong. She has a serious eye problem. Pray for comfort and healing.

Prayer Requests for Brazil (Leaman)

July 2019

  • For the move to Aldeia and a new home to rent in August.
  • For the establishment of a legal non-profit organization to oversee the counseling training/care in connection with ecclesiastical    leaders in Brazil.
  • For a good team of wise leaders for the project.
  • Wisdom and grace for balancing  schedules and choosing the right opportunities for service.


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