Prayer Requests for Atonement BP Mission (Waeber)

June 2019

  • For my preparation for ordination exams.
  • That God would send more families and individuals to strengthen the core group at Atonement.
  • That we would be able to find effective and faithful methods of increasing our visibility in Milford.

Prayer Requests for Cornerstone Reformed, MN (Liu)

June 2019

    • For the salvation of all the covenant children in our church.
    • For the salvation of the six family groups that recently heard the gospel at the pro-life event.
    • For the Lord to bring sinners to Himself through the ministry of the local church and the witness of her members.
    • For the Lord’s provision of a morning meeting location for Cornerstone. We are currently only meeting for a mid-afternoon worship service.

PMU Office Prayer Requests (Pine & Southerland)

June 2019

  • For the transition as we approach the official transfer date of August 1, 2019.
  • For new partners for the General Fund who will give monthly to support this work.
  • For the office staff’s preparation for the annual PMU meeting, July 31st.
  • For wisdom for the Council as they consider new applications to work with PMU both for a new missionary and church plant.
  • For safe travel for Council and staff to the annual meeting in Tacoma, WA, this year.

Prayer Requests for Tacoma (Yong)

July 2019

  • For God’s blessings on our efforts to spread the word about our mission and, if God wills, more people will come worship with us.
  • For more opportunities to reach out to the community with the gospel during the summer time.

Prayer Requests for Myanmar

July 2019

Khawl Ro Kima: Yangon BPC

  • For Sister Malawmi; she is on the staff at the orphanage home. She has appendicitis and is in need of surgery.

Yee Aung Thun: Aung Tha Pyi Mission

  • For the evangelistic outreach that I am doing among the people in our neighborhood.

Aung Zaw Win: Tat Oo Mission

  • For some of our church families who are facing health problems as well as financial difficulties.
  • For us, the Tat Oo BP mission, as we are planning to build housing for the pastor. The present church planter’s house is a bamboo house, and it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Prayer Requests for Cambodia (Touch Am)

June 2019

  • That the children keep on coming to study in the Church.
  • For more Christian education options in Cambodia. The hope being that gospel centered education would reach many people in Cambodia.
  • For Mrs. Srong. She has a serious eye problem. Pray for comfort and healing.

Prayer Requests for Brazil (Leaman)

July 2019

  • For the move to Aldeia and a new home to rent in August.
  • For the establishment of a legal non-profit organization to oversee the counseling training/care in connection with ecclesiastical    leaders in Brazil.
  • For a good team of wise leaders for the project.
  • Wisdom and grace for balancing  schedules and choosing the right opportunities for service.