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Myanmar Mission

October 2020

Thanking God for:

Aung tha pyi BP Mission

  • The good health of the church and His protection, especially His protection from infection.

Tat Oo BP Mission

  • The good harvest this year. We harvested more corn than last year.

Thinglei BP Mission

  • The church is moving forward in spite of having no pastor.

Yangon BP Church

  • The livestream service is still going well.  We have two services – one in the Burmese language and the other in the Mizo language.  More people are listening.


Please Pray for:

Aung tha pyi BP Mission

  • Sunday worship service to resume as soon as possible. We have not had Sunday worship service for more than three months due to the pandemic.

Tat Oo BP Mission

  • The growth and spiritual health of the church members.

Thinglei BP Mission

  • God to supply a new pastor soon.  The church has been without a pastor for two years now.

Yangon BP church

  • Myanmar is facing the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Many people are being infected and Yangon city is now under home stay restriction.  Pray also for my wife, Mawite.  Her health is very weak these days.

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